How Does Physician Unusual 2 Fare as a WandaVision Sequel? Grade It!

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How Does Physician Unusual 2 Fare as a WandaVision Sequel? Grade It!

The next incorporates main spoilers from each Disney+’s WandaVision and the movement image Physician Unusual within the Multiverse of Insanity (now in theaters).

This Mom’s Day, what higher (?) event to take inventory of Wanda Maximoff’s ongoing post-Endgame journey , which was the main target of the standalone Disney+ sequence WandaVision and most lately obtained up to date by Physician Unusual within the Multiverse of Insanity.

For starters, a couple of phrases about my very own journey with Physician Unusual 2. I went right into a screening final Monday hoping that, mayyyyybe, there’d be a TVLine angle to jot down about — both a WandaVision reference (to Agatha or one thing), or a nod to different Disney+/MCU sequence. In any case, the early advertising requested us to consider that Wanda would present up as an ally to Steven Unusual, however presumably “act out” a bit in her Scarlet Witch persona.

As soon as that discipline of apple timber was revealed to be an phantasm, although, and Wanda’s personal, fairly sinister curiosity in younger America Chavez’s multiverse-hopping capability was revealed, the conclusion washed over me: This can be a stealth, full-on WandaVision follow-up. With Wanda because the Huge Dangerous.

In latest days, I’ve been placing superhero podcast after superhero podcast into my ears, and I used to be curious to listen to some opine that Physician Unusual 2 did Wanda — particularly, her evolution in WandaVision — soiled. That it decreased her to easily some “mom scorned, gone mad.”

doctor strange multiverse madness

I used to be all the time of the opinion that whereas WandaVision’s ultimate act recommended that Wanda was “OK” with letting the sons she had conjured with magic fade away, however that mid-credits scene — which revealed her to be holed away at a distant cabin, obsessively poring over the Darkhold whereas Billy and Tommy’s voices bleated within the background — made clear {that a} darkish flip was forward. And Physician Unusual 2, in my view, organically adopted up on that. As a result of if we all know something (even from the MCU-adjacent Brokers of S.H.I.E.L.D.), spending an excessive amount of time with the Darkhold can drive an individual mad.

Now, I’ll cede the purpose — made by some critics of Wanda’s function because the Huge Dangerous in Physician Unusual 2 — that she did show to be ruthlessly kill-y in pursing her agenda, laying waste to many defenders of Kamar-Taj, fixing to do hurt to America and… nicely… doing what she did to the numerous Illuminati members. (Nonetheless #TooSoon.) That was large step up from merely mentally imprisoning the individuals of Westview, N.J.

Regardless your opinion of how natural Wanda’s heel flip in Physician Unusual 2 was, there isn’t any denying that Elizabeth Olsen was subsequent stage in her efficiency (and appeared hella good whereas delivering it). Ditto, Benedict Cumberbatch. And because the cameos went, seeing Hayley Atwell’s Captain Carter within the flesh (“I might do that all day”) was excellent, whereas the try at #JusticeForBlackBolt by means of Marvel’s Inhumans‘ Anson Mount was a fairly hilarious shock that had my theater howling.

To be clear, Multiverse of Insanity was removed from an ideal film. However as an unabashed follow-up to TV’s WandaVision, how do you charge Physician Unusual within the Multiverse of Insanity? Did it do Wanda proper, or Wong flawed?

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