Worry TWD Recap: RIP, [Spoiler]

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Worry TWD Recap: RIP, [Spoiler]

Fear the Walking Dead’s forged purge continues. Already, Season 7 had killed off John Sr. and Howard, dispatched one visitor character (Ali) after one other (Paul) after one other (Will), and slapped expiration dates on Alicia and Charlie. And in Sunday’s “Divine Windfall,” one more main if underutilized participant met their maker. Who? Learn on…

After Alicia & Co. confirmed up on the Tower’s “cellphone sales space,” for lack of a greater time period, Strand invited her in for a drink. Since Daniel got here in, too, uninvited — and was occurring about seeing Ofelia — Victor had him put in time-out whereas he pleaded his case to Alicia. When she did not be moved by his stalker-y ranting, he ordered the beacon switched on. “You will have your military. I’ve mine.” And as soon as the sunshine had attracted his troopers — you understand, the radioactive crater walkers — her mates would all die horrible deaths, and he or she’d be trapped within the Tower with him forevermore. (Or nonetheless lengthy her “forevermore” turned out to be.)

Shortly, Alicia bought the drop on Strand and compelled him into the elevator, which she deliberate to take to the roof to show the beacon again off. As an alternative, the elevator was shut down — emergency protocol — shopping for Strand time to strike a cope with Alicia: He’d flip off the sunshine if she’d name off her military — and likewise agree to stick with him for no matter time she had left. (Obsessed a lot?)

fear the walking dead recap season 7 episode 14 strand kills wesAlthough a deal was struck, Wes, upon releasing the duo, was not eager on it. “Have you ever misplaced your thoughts?” he requested Strand, someway leaving out the expletive I’d have needed to have included. If Strand wasn’t going to guard the Tower, Wes would. However no sooner had he declared himself king of the Tower than Strand and Alicia escaped his custody. And simply as Wes gave the order for Daniel to be killed, Ofelia’s father killed his guard.

Needing assist to get previous the rangers to the roof, Strand and Alicia hightailed it to Daniel, then lied to him that his daughter was on the highest ground. Earlier than they may get that far, even with Daniel’s murderer abilities, Alicia collapsed. Within the infirmary, Daniel ultimately realized that Ofelia was lifeless. Earlier than he may kill Strand, as he’s so typically been about to, it was identified to him that Charlie was nonetheless alive, if barely, and he could possibly be there for her. “Be the person you needed Ofelia to see,” Alicia urged him.

But once more, Strand’s life was spared. (Overlook 9 lives, the man will need to have 20, proper?) As he and Alicia, excessive on adrenaline, made their method up, up, up, they paused lengthy sufficient for him to confess that sure, she was the closest factor he needed to a daughter. Will had made Strand understand that he beloved her. “That’s what this was about,” he insisted. “I simply needed to show one thing to you.” Dude, subsequent time, write a card… sheesh.

fear the walking dead recap season 7 episode 14 strand kills wesWhen Wes once more caught the duo, Strand utterly modified the villainous tune he’d been singing all season. After throwing how many individuals off the roof, as we speak he felt like serving to folks was a good suggestion. (Motivations change quicker on this present than a corpse to a walker.) In response, Wes revealed that he’d discovered a transmitter amongst Alicia’s belongings. If she referred to as in reinforcements, he added, they’d by no means stand an opportunity.

Earlier than Wes may finish Alicia, in got here Daniel, saving her and getting shot for his troubles. (Not that that slowed him down in any respect.) Alicia and Wes then wound up in a standoff that was abruptly ended when Strand stabbed his newest protege. “Why would you try this?” cried Alicia, who’d thought she may motive with Wes.

“The identical motive I constructed the Tower the way in which I did,” replied Strand. “So that you wouldn’t need to.” (Humorous, I don’t bear in mind Madison having to develop into a complete monster whereas she was making an attempt to fortify the baseball diamond… )

fear the walking dead recap season 7 episode 14 strand kills wesDirectly, Daniel raced outdoors with June, Wendell and Grace to warn Dwight, Sherry, and so forth., to get within the Tower quick. Earlier than they may, rangers began taking pictures from the roof. They have been quickly dispatched by Strand, however he hesitated to show off the beacon. WTF? “You’re by no means gonna forgive me, are you?” he requested Alicia. “The injury is already performed.”

“We don’t have time for this,” replied Alicia. Two phrases: Thank. You.

One factor (Alicia tripped on an electrical wire) led to a different (her skeletal hand punctured a fuel can), all whereas Strand had a really adolescent meltdown (“It was by no means gonna make you like me”). Lastly, simply after our heroine had radioed out her message calling for backup, she collapsed once more because the roof went up in flames.

So, anybody else bummed that Worry TWD snuffed out a personality with as a lot potential as Wes? Didn’t you as soon as assume he was destined to be Alicia’s love curiosity? Hit the feedback.

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